Remembering the Past

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On the day of September 11, 2001 for most of us, we woke up and thought it was going to be another average day. We made breakfast, got ready for work, sent the kids off to school and kissed our loved ones as they stepped out the door. We then found out how our completely wrong we all were.

The morning of September 11, 2001, I was down at Fort Polk Louisiana assigned to the 10th mountain division, 2nd battalion 14th infantry regiment. We were there to attend war games before we a deployed to Kosovo. My platoon had just finished a training exercise and were taking a few minutes to relax before we continued our training. During the break we were told to gather our equipment and fall back to our staging area. At that point, live ammo was passed out. The base went on lock down. We were told nothing on what was happening and why they were giving us live rounds. As we were loading our magazines up, we were told we were going to guard the tarmac and to shoot first and questions later, but we still weren’t told what was going on.

To make a long story short, at the end of the day, we were back at the staging area. Our R.T.O was monitoring  traffic in the airwaves with his radio. There was a lot of confusion. For most of us, we thought this was still part of training exercise that was still going on. it wasn’t until about a week later till we were able to see pics or video from September 11th. A month later we deployed. September 11th was a tragic day for most of us. American lives were lost and the country came together as a whole.

I understand that this subject elicits deep emotional responses from people all around the world, but especially from Americans. The following days after the event the world was bombarded with images from the media. This caused sensory overload in most of us. We deployed troops all over the world, we put law enforcement officers on every corner in every city, we were told we were at war with an enemy that couldn’t be seen. They called it Terror.  We all believed it.

In this blog, I intend to show you some disturbing evidence produced by independent research. The research I’m talking about, is not the research or evidence that the U.S government released to the American people and the people of the word. It is evidence that what we were told might not be the truth.

I choose to talk about this subject  because i consider  myself to be  an American. I also want to shed some light on what is not being taught in our schools all around our nation, but the main reason is that,  ” I just care “.


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