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Over the last several years, there has been an amazing amount of information that has been released from the White House and other independent researchers to the American public on the accounts of what happened on the morning of September  11, 2001.

Today, I’m going to discuss  one of the events that took place that morning. I’m referring to the Pentagon.

A few years ago, while i was sitting in front of the computer I did a google search on the attack on the pentagon. I conducted a web search then an image search. The following images show what i found.

1 2 3

The pictures you are looking at are the pics that most of have seen over the years. For most of us, we’ve all grown accustom of thinking that these pictures actually depict the impact from the plane that stuck the building. I only say this because this is what the media companies and the education system in this country have shown us time and time again.

Now, I’m going to show you a set of different pictures. Can you see the difference?

The first set I’m showing you are from the collapse of the structure that occurred some time after the impact. The second set your looking at is from the impact.




Now, after looking at these images, you should be asking yourself a few questions. Where’s the wreckage from the plane? Where are the wings,engines and passengers? Why are there windows still intact at the site of impact.How does a plane that size fit into a hole that small?

As you can see, there is quite a difference in the photos that are shown above. Now, I’m not claiming to be a structural engineer or a crime scene investigator. I never have and never will, but i can tell something is definitely wrong here.

For most of us, we were taught growing up that a square doesn’t fit into a circular hole. but in this case, we are being told and shown that this is the exception. That rules don’t apply.

Now, the point of this posting was not to stir up horrific memories of that morning but it was intended to bring some insight and show you one example of what of what is being debated over this specific incidence. It was also intended for the viewers to think about what is being shown to them and what is being taught to those who were not old enough and were fortunate enough, not experience this moment in our history.


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