Its not a plane … what is it?

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Hello and welcome back.

Today, I want to continue discussing the event that happened at the U.S Pentagon September 11, 2001. I’m planning on showing you a few more pictures that are open for interpretation. These pictures also bring raise a few points that are being questioned to this day.

The days that followed the attack on the U.S Pentagon the U.S government released only a few pictures of the actual event. I remind you that these differ from the actual impact hole pictures and also differ from the pictures of the collapsed roof after the impact. They also differ from the official released footage and story produced by the major media companies.

Lets take a look….


download (3)

download (4)

images (3)

Now, far as I know, there has been only a handful of pictures that have been officially released to the American public. The pictures above are just a few of them. What I find funny or questionable and you should too, is the amount of video or pictures that have been released. After all this is the Pentagon. This building is considered to be one of the most highly secured building in our nation. I think it funny that there were only two or three security cameras in operation at the time of contact. After all, this building is covered with cameras inside and out. Are we supposed to believe that this is all or most of the footage recorded that morning ?

Also, please take a closer look at the fourth picture that is posted above. Did you notice the time stamp on the fourth picture. This picture has the wrong date and time stamp on it. This should be in question. Why and how was this released with the wrong date and time. The official story…. this is the time, that the picture was downloaded from the camera. Really? Wheres the original timestamp? and does it really take that long?

I bring these pictures to your attention because I think that they raise serious questions about what happened that day. They also are being used as poor examples of proof of what happened, according to the American government. To this day, I have not seen any updated video or pictures of that moment in time that can help support the governments version of what happened that day but what I do find is the over whelming amount of pictures and video footage taken by witnesses that easily debunks the governments take of the actual account of that morning.

I feel like this subject should be taken seriously and should be examined with caution. I find that this subject has a sense of taboo to it. When we are told that a series of event happened a certain way; do we have the right to question it? of course we do. Should we continue to teach this matter to our children? that this version, the official version is the only version and there is no other? of course not. We are Americans not peasants. We are open minded free thinkers who are beginning to see this matter for what it is. You be the judge


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