Twin Towers….. What Really Happened!

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First, i’d like to say, Good day and welcome back to all those who have an interest in finding out the truth.

So….lets jump right in ……

In todays posting, I’m going to discuss the Twin Towers and the debate that surrounds the issue of “how” and “why” they fell ….

For months after the attacks, every American was subjected to a bombardment of horrific images. These specific images and video clips that were used were used as an elaborate attempt to cover-up the real scientific explanation of the collapse of the twin towers.  Some of the images you might recognize ….lets take a brief look….


wtc_airplane_crash bed3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Also …. take a look at this clips …..

I think this is a great explanation… and demonstrates… how the “official explanation” was being formulated and put out to the American people. The sad thing …is that it worked. Several clips like the one above were shown on the major media channels for days after the event. Slowly ….the seed was being planted.

Now…. take a look of this video.

Pretty amazing evidence huh?… quite different from what you’ve seen or heard from the projected official explanations in the past? Did you get goose bumps? Did you feel like this evidence has a little bit more bite to it? Is it a more thought out explanation of accounts that happened that day?

For many around the nation …. this seems to explain and counter the U.S governments “Official Story”. The sad thing is… that video like the ones shown above, will NEVER be aired on television for the American public to view. (I can also bet…it will not be taught or shown in even in our schools.) You won’t find it on you local television stations or your favorite national channels. The only way that you can find it… is if you care enough to look.

The American people have waited long enough for the U.S government to find out what exactly happened that day, but they’ve waited longer for a tangible explanation. With the help from video footage and eyewitness accounts, September 11th can be examined an reassembled in a reasonable fashion that brings the truth to a conspiracy against the American people.




One thought on “Twin Towers….. What Really Happened!

    danpacheco01 responded:
    October 15, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    great job dan……wish others cared enough too. when it comes to this subject. i know it can be touchy. but ….there has been enough data/ proof/evidence that can prove that there was much more going on that day of september 11th 2001.
    i dont intend to change the world but i think americans should care enough to take re examine the evidence and hold the government accountable for there actions.

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