The Greatest Commander & Chief… & friends

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So .. Guys…When i get down to the end of the runway… do i take a left or right?







Hey …Goergie… Can tell that idiot over there to shut the hell up….he’s starting to piss me off








I thought the tour of the chocolate factory was next week ..not today!
images (2)







Sorry ..about the mess … but my wife and i needed space to park Airforce one when we visit the city! hey….i said i was sorry!









Best piece of non fictional work ever made
images (1)

Dont worry Donny…. i told them that Saddam did it….nothing to worry about baby!

now …George…how many times do I gotta tell you? I’m gonna make you a rich man!









Hey guys, is this really necessary? I don’t even know why i’m here !!













I think we’re gonna be best friends for life..Georgie!!   George Bush with Saudi Crown Price








Excuse me sir…..its your dad on the phone. he wants to know if everything went as planned.20101028-george-w-bush-4-640x360


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