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We all know our history …..and I mean (human history) can be bit confusing at times. As We grow up and attend school we are taught that the human species evolved from “hunter gathers”


In recent years, there seems to have been a lot of debate pertaining to “where” we came from and “how long” the human species has been here for.

In this posting and for the next few postings I’m going to discuss this topic of discussion.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been taught in school that the human race as we know it made its “mark” on this planet 10,000 years ago. I learned that humans lived in small groups and had large territories to cover while collecting food such as nuts and berries to keep them alive. They also relied on on crude tools such as stone antlers and bone, to make life easier for them. Humans also had the ability to used fire. The use of these tools along with the application of fire seemed to impact our development and advancement greatly.

See where I’m going with this? … Sounds like I read it from a script…huh?

Human history has always intrigued me but over the last several years I’ve noticed that our history is mostly undiscovered. I think that it’s unfortunate that we as a species are still uneducated when it comes to our past.

With the progression of technology, humans have been able to make new discoveries. Take for example the underwater monument of Yanaguni, located in waters off Japan. It is believed, that this monument was created by men thousands of years ago. The monument has become a hot topic of discussion with in the archeological community.

I find the reason for the debate is an interesting one. That the monument itself must have been created before the last ice age because it is completely submerged underwater and it it highly doubtful that the creators built it while it was covered in water.

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The monument itself is a symbol of lost history. What bothers me about this is that if this is true, then it completely rule out the idea that humans were simple hunter gathers. The monument itself was constructed with the use of higher mathematics and shows that humans back then were more complex than what we assume.

I believe that this is just one brief example that shows how much of our history is still misunderstood. ill be discussing more examples like this one in future postings.


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