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In my post today, I’m going to tell you how i was drawn to posting theses some what controversial issues and topics. an it may be something we all can learn from….
Several years ago, I was sitting down at the dinner table helping my nephew Carlos do his home work. I believe I was helping him history home work and we were working on a work paper he had due on the Egyptian civilization. Suddenly, I found myself starting to flip through his books that he had taken out previously from his schools library. Then, something happened that I cant quite explain.

I was suddenly flooded with images when I was a child attending middle school.I could see myself sitting in the classroom watching Mr. Wheller pace left to right. It was something that he did while he gave lectures. I remember quite well learning about the Egyptians civilization in the very same fashion and we also learned the very same material.

This Video Clip is quite different compared to traditional information found or taught in schools (remember, we were all hunter gatherers 10,000 years ago and all we could do is pick berries and kill squirrels)

As I snapped back from that little brain freeze, I asked how the could this be happening ?and why? is this happening. Now I really don’t have a bone to pick from the U.S Education System, but I do think we can make some improvements to it and I think we should do it with some hast.

I love history. This is the reason “why” I took such an interest in my nephews studies in the first place. So, I decided to read his books. As I read further, I noticed that a good chunk of the information contained with in these books was almost literally identical to those I read years ago, but what bothers me the most is the lack of mentioning of any newer information or advancements that have been made in the fields of History and Archeology.

When I was reading I felt like it was simple regurgitation of information. I dint make feel right. so… moments after, I realized that I have to taken a deeper interest in was is being taught in schools and to my nephew.

Over the years, I have taken a great interest this matter. In total,  I have three nephews that attend school and there all in elementary grades. So, I make sure to examine their school books and look for information that might not be correct and try to correct it. I  try not to completely dismiss what their teachers have taught them through the years. After all, they’ve done a great job when it comes to teaching them. I try to be objective but accurate at the same time, after all theres always two sides of a story.

So, I suggest if you have children or younger family members who attend school. Please take the time to investigate what is being taught in their school curriculum and if you don’t agree with it, take the time to correct it. That way, further down the road, your children will be more knowledgable and have a better understanding of the world we live in today.


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