Artifacts of the Past

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In this weeks posting, I’ll be talking and showing you a few artifacts that have been in existence before the “Hunter Gather” period and shows that humans have been around much longer than modern science believes. So let’s get started….

The first artifact that’s up for discussion a human skull. This skull is unique and and considered special. In 1913 this skull was discovered by Hans Reck in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. This skull also had been dated to be around 800,000 years old. The debate about this skull continues to baffle scholars because it is a skull that resembles modern day humans but has origins from many many year ago


The second artifact is the Willendorf Venus statue. The statue has been dated 30,000 years old. Mind you that this statue was created before the time that modern science has determined the human race able to create something this complicated. (before Hunter Gather Period)


The third artifact is a tiny figurine. This figurine was discovered in 1889 in Nampa, Idaho. The figurine dated to be of the Plio-Pleistocene age, about 2 million years old and was made from clay. 2,000,000 years ago not 20,000 years ago.


The fourth artifact is mortar and pedestal.This mortar and pedestal was discovered by J.H Neale along with several other pieces. Mr. Neale made the discovery in 1877 in the state we know as California. This tiny figurine was dated between 33-55 million years ago.


The fifth and final artifacts are Kiersdorp spheres. These spheres are different than others that have found in the past. these spheres were found in western Transvaal, South Africa. So far, there have been around two hundred of them discovered. they are made of nickel steel alloy that is not naturally made.Dating of theses spheres reaches back to 2.8 to 3 billion years old. also the spheres seem to be scratch resistant and cannot even be scratch by steel.


The reason why i’m showing you theses images and artifacts is to reconfirm that modern humanity still has no real explanation on how long we’ve been on this planet. I think its pretty astonishing that some of these artifact have been dated to a time when modern science says that human weren’t capable of creating such things or when there were just single cell life forms on this planet. … its definitely something to think about!


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