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So….. I was surfing the internet a few week ago and i ca
me across a news article on the BBC website. After reading this story, I felt compelled to share it with the people of WordPress.com

This story is one that effects us all. It’s a story that helps us understand “who” we are and “where” we came from. Plus, it’s just dam cool.

Human Evolution has always been a topic of discussion and debate with in the scientific community. With-in the las few months there has been new startling claims in the field of evolution and how the human race came to be.

According to the article, former creatures that we thought to be our predecessors such as Homo Habilis or Homo Rudolfensis might not be able to hold that title much longer.

The debate is over the newly discovered species name Australopithecus Sediba, which existed over 1.9 million years ago and its place in the human evolution timeline.

It is fact that we evolved from the species once known as Homo Erectus and in turn Homo Erectus evolved from Homo Habilis and Homo Rudolfensis, So on and so on, but now Palaeoanthropologists seems to think that the species Homo Erectus (our parent species) might have spawned from the newly discovered species known as Australopithecus Sediba or A. Sediba.

Apparently, there are specific unique features (from the hands, pelvis, brain and feet) in this Australopithecus Sediba species.

“Any one of these features could have evolved separately, but it is highly unlikely that all of them would have evolved together if A. Sediba was not related to our lineage.” said Professor Lee Berger from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

The newly discovered species was discovered in Malapa. Specificly, in the “Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site“. These fossils are thought to be a mother and son but scientist aren’t positive yet. the bones belong to an adult female and a juvenile boy.

(for further understanding of the issues click on the above links marked story)

This is an amazing story of discovery. I think that it’s important “as the dominant species of this planet” that we understand our origins as human beings. The more we look to our past we’ll realize that how much we don’t know but as long as we keep on looking and making new discoveries is the only way that we’ll truly understand our place in this universe.


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