This site was intended for the discussion of topics that some people or institutions find to be controversial, such as human history, space, government and academics. it is intended to address issues and and raise questions about these particular matters.
“About me”
As a child growing up, i was never taught while attending school to go against the grain. By that i mean, i just believed everything that was being shown or told to me. As i got older and started to think more independently. I then realized, that what we see or hear in our classrooms is not necessarily the truth, but in some cases an attempt from keeping us from the truth.
it wasn’t until my college years where i discovered that being able to think critically, was a skill that proved to be one of the most important actions that I could ever learn to do. I would like to say, that I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, I’m just an average guy who questions areas of academia that need to be questioned
“Thank You”
I would like to take the time to thank the audience, who have shown an interest in the area of ideas of the subjects that are and will be discussed on this site.


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