More from Our Past

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In todays posting, I’m going to continue talking about the BBC article I discovered a few weeks ago and the subject matter of “evolution” thats involved within it. If you enjoy reading about this type of material, please continue to follow this posting… Read the rest of this entry »


A New Understanding

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So….. I was surfing the internet a few week ago and i ca
me across a news article on the BBC website. After reading this story, I felt compelled to share it with the people of WordPress.com Read the rest of this entry »

Places of the Past

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Hello and welcome back. Today I’m going to talk about and show you some of the greatest creations in the world built by “man-kind”. Read the rest of this entry »

If I could fly!

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I was created almost one thousand years ago. Many thought it could never happen but I proved them wrong. A few years ago, man created a larger scale model of me. To their surprise, I flew. See… modern man can still learn a thing or two from their not so distant cousins from the past.

Artifacts of the Past

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In this weeks posting, I’ll be talking and showing you a few artifacts that have been in existence before the “Hunter Gather” period and shows that humans have been around much longer than modern science believes. So let’s get started…. Read the rest of this entry »

An American Voyage

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I think that its amazing that there are still people out there that think Christopher Columbus discovered America. In my opinion, I think that its irresponsible for someone to still believe in this myth. In todays modern world we still find ourselves celebrating this event even though it has been proved that this tradition is incorrect Read the rest of this entry »

Learning something new

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In my post today, I’m going to tell you how i was drawn to posting theses some what controversial issues and topics. an it may be something we all can learn from…. Read the rest of this entry »