Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist? By no means at all do I call myself a conspiracy theorist. I do have great admiration for the work that they do and the attention that they direct to certain areas that need greater attention but I cannot call my self one. I cannot deny that, I do share some points of interest on certain material that is considered controversial to some people.

Do have any certain agenda when it comes to your post? No I don’t believe I do. I believe in “being fair” and the “truth”. I think no matter how controversial the information is, We as a society should be well informed and educated and we should be able to decide for ourselves what the truth is.

How long have you taken an interest in this type of material? I’ve take an interest in subjects like the ones I speak about for at least twelve years. Sometimes, I wish that i became more involved earlier.

How do you keep yourself updated in theses areas? I follow a select group of individuals and organizations that have done extensive research. I search the internet and subscribe to scientific magazines and journals and I also follow video subscriptions from various sites.

Do you have a hard time getting followers on this site or any other of your sites? Yes, I do at times. Sometimes, I think it’s because of the damage that the media industry caused with the flow of information that has made it difficult for me at times getting viewers interested enough to follow. It can be difficult introducing new theories or ideas to people who have heard the same information for a very long time.

What gives you the drive to continue talking about this material when you find it difficult?. I find my self thinking about nephews and their education and the truth. I also, just care enough to continue sharing this with others.

If you have other questions about the subject matter that I discuss in my postings, Please, feel free to leave them in the comments box or section. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank You… for your time and support.


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